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 Wireless Web Print Get a Quote Back

Wireless Web Print is PaperCut's unique and industry leading solution to manage the growing need for printing from laptops, wireless devices and anonymous users. As a core feature of PaperCut, Web Print enables printing from user-owned devices without the overhead of installing printer drivers and managing server authentication.

Web Print resolves this complexity by allowing users to upload common document formats such as PDF and DOC via a simple web interface, printing the document on the user's behalf. No client software or drivers are required.

Architecture Overview

Web Print architecture overview

Users may access the web print option via their user web interface or by accessing the web print option from any internet browser: http://papercutserver:9191/webprint and follow an easy three step process:

1. Selecting a printer

The user first selects the printer they would like to print their job to. PaperCut will automatically generate a list of printers that are available, or alternatively the list may be overlaid with a map, floor plan or site plan. Maps and plans can be created easily with free tools in standard formats such as HTML or SVG, or exported from applications such as Microsoft Office Visio.

Selecting a printer

2. Choosing print options

Next the user selects print options and number of copies. The administrator may also allow access to shared account charging features, equivalent to the options available to desktop users with the PaperCut client tool.

Simple Pop up for personal account charging

Charging to a shared account

3. Uploading the document

The user selects and uploads the document they would like printed. That's it - no client software, drivers or special configuration required!

Uploading a document

Web Print jobs queued in progress

Note: User may obtain their print jobs at the selected printer or log in to a PRS if the print job was sent to a PRS Queue


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