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 Manage Internet Usage Get a Quote Back

Limit internet usage by time or data, it may also be combined with print control.

The PaperCut internet control module is an optional module that may be used in addition to or instead of print control. It is popular in areas of the world where internet bandwidth is limited or expensive.

The internet control module is able to perform any of the following functions:

  • Charge your users for their Internet access
  • Place Internet quotas on your users
  • Silently monitor your users' Internet usage (used by many businesses)
  • Disallow Internet access once users run out of credit

PaperCut internet control allows you to charge/quota users based on either the time they spend on the internet or the amount of data they download, or a combination of both.

Time Based Charging

  • Stops people wasting time surfing the web
  • Useful when computer resources are scarce
  • Charge for time used, not data downloaded
  • Easy for your users to understand
  • Choose a time period duration and a cost per period

Data Based Charging

  • Useful when bandwidth is expensive
  • Encourages careful use of bandwidth
  • Stops people downloading large files like video and streaming audio

PaperCut requires a supported proxy server to track and restrict the Internet access. The following proxies are supported:

Log Format
Can deny access
when using:
"Squid for Windows"
MS ISA Server 2000/2004/2006    
MS Proxy Server    
Free Proxy
(using W3C log format)

Control Internet Usage

  • Charge by data transfer, time used or a combination of both
  • Optionally don't charge for cached data, upstream data or data from a list of sites

  • Set reasonable limits for internet usage
  • Charge / quota users by data transfer, time used or a combination of both

How time based charging works:

  • You choose the duration of each chargeable time period
  • Each day is split into time periods of this duration
  • When a user accesses the Internet within a time period, they are charged for using that period
  • The defined charge for the period will be deducted from the user's account
  • If the user has no credit, they will be disallowed access to the Internet
  • Optionally don't charge for cached data, upstream data or certain sites

Charts and Statistics

  • One-click access to charts, statistics and reports
  • Find out how the average user is using the internet

Detailed Reports

  • Find out:
  • which users are using the internet most (or least!)
  • which department / class is using the internet most
  • how long users are on the internet, and how much they are downloading
  • the days and times that the internet is used mos
  • Use the information to make informed decisions about your organization's IT needs

Investigate Usage Anomalies

  • Spot unusually high usage quickly from statistics, charts, graphs or reports
  • Drill down to find out the details

What You Don't See

  • Highly efficient log file processing, even across a network share
  • Adds/removes users from a predefined domain Internet access group to optionally "lock out" users who have exceeded their quota
  • Logs daily internet usage for reporting and tracking
  • Provides users with near real-time reporting of their internet usage


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