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Print and Internet Quota charging, tracking and monitoring application designed to promote the responsible use of IT resources. It's a premium cross-platform solution specifically designed to meet the needs of schools, universities and other organizations. Implementations range from silent monitoring, quota control to user-pays systems. PaperCut NG leads the way with innovative features, cross-platform support, source code access and enterprise level scalability.

How does it work?

PaperCut NG works by intercepting printer usage at the Server level, calculating the usage cost, and deducting it from a central account associated with the User’s login.

Administrators may define a quota by scheduling credit allocation at specific intervals. Alternatively, integrating hardware via PaperCut MF and using the TopUp/Pre-Paid Card tool to create a self-managing User-pays System. Printer usage is calculated on a cost-per-page basis with advanced charging options available for color, different page sizes and double-sided printing.

In a business environment, PaperCut NG is often implemented in “silent mode” where only managers are made aware of usage or is used to track at the client/project/cost center level.

In a school or university environment, PaperCut is run in a visible “restricted” mode. Users, exceeding their credit, are automatically denied access to the resources. Staff members are granted access to shared accounts to track printing by department or faculty.

How Much Paper Are You Using?

That sounds like an easy question, but many organizations simply have no idea of the volume of paper used for printing. If you do know, do you know where it goes? PaperCut NG can arm you with information not just about overall printing volumes, but volume by printer, group/department, user and many other factors. So next time the question is asked, "where does all the money we spend on printing go?", the answer is a few clicks away.

How Much Paper Can You Save?

There are many ways to implement PaperCut, so the amount saved will depend on which features and strategy you choose to implement. The following table gives an indication of the typical amount of paper saved by implementing each strategy.

Strategy Typical Paper Savings
Letting users know their printing is being tracked
Often this is enough to prevent the kind of printing users know they shouldn't be doing. E.g. perhaps that sporting club newsletter will be printed at home from now on...
Filters and restrictions
Stop mistakes like printing a 100 page document instead of the 1 interesting page. Enforce double sided printing on the high volume printer.
Print quotas
Impose reasonable limits on user printing, e.g. $5 per week per user.

PaperCut has also created a simple-to-use ROI Calculator to calculate your savings and expected payback time.

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