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 User Web Interface Get a Quote Back

Users may access their PaperCut Account Information via the Details… Balance Window Link on their computer screen, then entering their Domain Account.

Balance window.

Authentication dialog window.


  • Secure access to print history
  • Reduce staff related work
  • Convenient access to user features
  • Provides environmental impact awareness
  • Allow transfer from personal Credit Cards

The user web interface provides a range of functionality that empowers users to make the most of PaperCut NG without requiring intervention from administrators. The user web interface allows users to do what they need for themselves, and quickly get back to what they were doing.

The following screenshots demonstrate some of the available features:

Summary page - balance, balance history, environmental impact

Redeem Card page - add top-up/pre-paid card value to user balance

Transfers page - transfer balance to other users

Recent Print Jobs page - a user's reference for their print history

Mobile User Web Interface

When the user web interface is accessed from a mobile browser, such as Mobile Safari from an iPhone, a lightweight interface is presented. This interface has been optimized for viewing on mobile devices and provides access to common tasks.

Mobile Summary page - print balance and environmental impact

Mobile Redeem Card page - redeem a top-up/pre-paid card from a mobile device

Other Features

  • Features in the user web interface may be enabled or disabled as required. For example, the ability to transfer funds between users may be disabled, or minimum and maximum limits may be assigned.

  • The user web interface may be styled to match your organization or intranet pages. See the Customizable tour section for an example.

  • Use the payment gateway module to facilitate transfers from external sources such as credit cards or bank accounts.


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