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Businesses may choose to implement PaperCut NG or PaperCut ChargeBack depending on the following categories:

1. Businesses wanting to monitor or quota printing

  • Silently track printing and associated costs by individual user, office or department.
  • Optionally restrict users' usage to minimize cost and define reasonable limits.
  • Choose from a large variety of print monitoring reports to analyze and audit printer usage.

PaperCut NG

  • An enterprise level solution for organizations of any size.
  • A scalable solution for small businesses to large corporations that is able to track printing on any size network.
  • Simple to administer print monitor solution allowing silent metering of your users' printing.
  • Ability to track printing by user, group, department, cost center or work area.
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2. Businesses wanting to "charge back" printing costs to their clients or projects

  • "Charge back" is commonly adopted by engineering, graphic design, architecture, legal and accounting firms.
  • A popup window permits each print job to be assigned to relevant account or project number.
  • Pass printing costs back to clients (bill back) via an automatically generated print audit invoice reports.

PaperCut ChargeBack

  • A specialist version for engineering, graphic design, architecture, legal and accounting firms.
  • Each print job is assigned to accounts or predefined job numbers (e.g. client/matter, project, job number, department or cost center).
  • Track printing to facilitate charging back printing costs to clients or cost centers.
  • Produces print audit reports, and tracks printing expenses by your accounts.
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