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PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF are specifically designed to meet the needs of schools, colleges, universities and other educational organizations.

PaperCut NG

  • A premium cross-platform printer control system with enterprise level features.
  • Designed for organizations of all sizes.
  • Allows student quota control or charging of printer usage.
  • Log and track staff printing budgets.
  • Shared accounts for tracking printing by department or faculty.
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PaperCut MF

  • A very affordable solution for cost recovery.
  • Designed for organizations of all sizes.
  • Allow users quota allocations combined with cash to account.
  • Copiers and MFD embedded applications.
  • Shared accounts for tracking printing by server/devices/.
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Customers in the Education Field play a big part in current development. All new features are defined, prioritized and ranked by our key education customers.


Education IT environments are unique. User turnover is high and networks are dynamic. PaperCut includes many features for administration streamlining including:

  • rules for automatic account creation,
  • automatic scheduling of credit and quotas,
  • simple web-based administration for office staff,
  • 100% server based printer control implementation and
  • a cross platform printer counter solution for Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell.


PaperCut has been in production use on networks with many thousands of users for over 9 years. It has proven scalability and stability. Clustering support has taken this one level further allowing scalability to 300,000+ users!


Server applications can be costly. MJP-PaperCut Solutions Price and Licensing Model are structured so that this application is available to all. Per-user licensing ensures multiple server networks are not penalized for their existing structure. There are no yearly contracts or fees.

By reducing paper and toner usage, PaperCut usually pays for itself in a few months.


We try to make PaperCut’s printer control features simple to use, yet provide the power needed for flexible administration. PaperCut is renowned for its straightforward installation and easy-to-use interface. Some highlights include:

  • self applying security permissions upon install
  • no backend databases to configure
  • automatic user account importing from Active Directory groups or organizational units
  • zero install deployment for optional client software

The PaperCut Software Development Team is a big believer of the idea that "simplicity" and "power" are not mutually exclusive. PaperCut provides for the simplicity of a straightforward printer log as well as retaining a set of features that will satisfy even the most technical system administrator.

User Base

PaperCut has been in use in schools, colleges and universities close to 10 years. All our features are prioritized and implemented based on "votes" from our user base. This ensures that PaperCut's printer control features are always evolving to meet the needs of our users.

Our customers agree that educational organizations need more than just a printer log. PaperCut can provide an all-round software based solution.


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